Here's a list of links I put up partly with the help of my friend Teresa. She provided some videos and combined with mine, I put up this simple webpage. They are old/new videos/interviews of our favourite MAN. They all come from various sources on the Internet, some dead, some still alive, please if you find one file that's yours, this is more of an homage than a theft, but if you want them removed and me to put up a link instead, please contact me.

At this point, the list is rather exhaustive but of course, ALL are not here, simply because I don't have them, or some folks already have them on another site.
I chose a relative quality over size for most of them, some I preferred leaving untouched because any conversion/editing made them less viewable. So the quality of all the files is rather uneven: some are average good, and some are very poor, you have all the possibilities in between those two extremes.
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Now before you use download managers to download all at once, PLEASE, be gentle on my bandwitdth. In order not to abuse it, right click on the link and "save as". The links will still be valid for a while, so you have plenty of time.
I know some of you also are still on dial-up, and I'm deeply sorry I couldn't get them any smaller without impairing the quality too much.

Last but not least, this was posted first on the rdanderson list, please do not repost to any other list without asking permission first.

Talk shows:

RDA on Urban Rush prior to the FMA 2006 event, co-hosted with Amanda Tapping - 70 Mo

RDA on Vicky Gabereau: - 9.5 Mo - 12.5 Mo 56.2 Mo

RDA on Arsenio Hall (In the eyes of a stranger-facial hair ahead) - 16.8 Mo

RDA on Wayne Brady – 37.7 Mo

RDA on Regis 1994 (goatee ahead!) trail to doomsday/his personal projects (family) - 27.7 Mo:

RDA on Regis 1998 (Baby Wylie) – 52.6 Mo:

RDA on Regis 2002 – 10.8 Mo

RDA on Craig Kilborn – 29.4 Mo

RDA on Martin Short – 21.3 Mo

RDA on Jay Leno:
• Tombstone project – 31.6 Mo:
• Legend – 23.8 Mo:
• Pandora's clock 37.5 Mo:

RDA on Donnie & Marie – 30.7 Mo


RDA on Newton's apple (short funny number about the aerodynamics of Hockey) - 18.3 Mb:

RDA on E! Tonight: a game of Hockey with the Stargate team - 4.3 Mb:

Various shows:

RDA on ET Beyond Betrayal - 11 Mb:

RDA on ET for Mac & the Lost Treasure of Atlantis - 6.3 Mo:

RDA on ET for Past the Bleachers - 9.6 Mo:

RDA on E! TV (about his house, with Apryl) – 7.5 Mo:

RDA on TV zone (the whole interview) - 15.9 Mo:

RDA with Kurt Russell on the set - 4.1 Mo:

RDA on tech TV (Allegiance set) - 52.3 Mo:


RDA at the Banff event with Dana Delaney – 1.4 Mo

RDA at the Banff event in 2005 – 6.8 Mo (he appears for about 10 seconds though)

RDA at the Banff event with Wylie – 930 Ko

Special events:

RDA about the Sea Shepherd Seal Campaign 2005 – 4.6 Mo:

An Air Force experience – 74.8 Mo:

Various things:

RDA sings (quite frankly, he did the good thing in choosing acting over singing!!) - 1.2 Mb:

RDA is howling with wolves – 4.8 Mo:

RDA on National Geographic – 10.0 Mo

RDA about the most important woman in his life - 2.7 Mo:

RDA and AT at a party after SG-1 200

SG1 bloopers, behind the scenes, awards:

Moebius bloopers

Threads bloopers/BTS – 5.8 Mo

Changelling bloopers – 2.1 Mo

Frozen bloopers – 5.2 Mo

Prophecy bloopers – 10.2 Mo

Shallow play bloopers – 4.5 Mo

Solitudes bloopers – 712 Ko

RDA playing with a bug doohickey – 4.8 Mo

RDA telling the story of his beginnings in show-business as a mime - 5.3 Mo

Kurt Russell paying a visit to the set – 4.1 Mo

RDA introducing Dan Shea – 487 Ko

RDA's video Diary - on the set of Paradise Lost - 80 Mo

Spacey Awards: - 17 Mo - 11 Mo - 42 Mo


Audio Interviews:


LINK TO MCGYVER ONLINE (GREAT videos there too!)